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Because I usually pass out before these ever really get started... merp. 

1. I am going to wait until he wakes up to set his couch on fire and then pee it out. That way he knows it was not an accident.

2. All I know is I want him to tie me up at least twice a week and I have an overwhelming urge to cook for him. Could this be love? I'm so confused....

3. Denial and avoidance are my survival strategies for the new year. 

4. He just said "I made some changes in my life. The male g-spot is in the rectum and I wanted to explore that."

5. I just want you to sit on my face and to tell you you're pretty. Most women would leap at this opportunity.

6. Wildcard! 
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- Erik Lehnsherr // Magneto
- Will play from nearly any canon point
- Prose or brackets 
- Love gen threads and family threads
- Open to positive or negative CR
- M/M or M/F for shipping/smut
- Timezone is EST
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character: erik lehnsherr // magneto
canon: x-men movieverse
age: varies; mid-30s and upward

timezone: est.
backtagging: definitely! i work full time, so i can be slow at tagging.
threadhopping: depends, generally not a fan unless it makes sense.
fourthwalling: that's fine if your character knows more about his agenda/political scheming, but i'd like to keep more intimate details that he wouldn't tell just anyone private.
offensive subjects: if in doubt, it's safer to ask, but i'm okay with most topics.
format: tend to prefer prose, but i'll do either.
ships: i'm cherik trash. erik/chemistry is my jive, so i'm pretty open to other x-men and cross-canon ships. handwaving cr is usually fine with me, but i prefer establishing details if it's not some self-indulgent smut meme :)
canon point: i've seen all of the x-men movies to date, including first class, days of future past, and xmen: apocalypse. totally willing to play any and all movie-verse canon points, though i do tend to default to post-DOFP for random memes.
warnings: since erik is erik, i'd be remiss to not warn of potentially douchey, idiotic, megalomaniac behavior.
hugging: you can try it, but i can't guarantee that he'll respond well!
kissing: again, you can try it, but he's not exactly the touchy-feely type. can't guarantee it'll go over well.
flirting: go for it, though be aware that he may not return the flirting.
fighting: i'm comfortable with writing fighting scenes; however, please be aware that erik is a metalbender. he's good at using his fists/powers first, without asking questions, and will defend himself without hesitation.
injuring/killing: roughing him up a bit is always okay, but he will retaliate. as for killing, i'd rather not.
telepathy/mind reading: go for it, though please get in touch with me first so we're on the same page! he'll be pretty pissed if someone invades his privacy like that, and he also has a helmet that blocks telepaths, so when that's on, it won't work.